Morea Style Halloween Gift

While I was out shopping, I came across this FREE gift from Morea Style.  Just in time for Halloween, the outfit comes on system layers and includes all major appliers.  There are two skirt styles, this one and a mini version.

And in case you hadn’t noticed, this is way too orange for my normal carrot top, so I’m wearing a hairstyle from Emotions 🙂

lotd morea style halloween gift_003


Paris Metro Bouquet d’Amour

While I was at Paris Metro yesterday, I picked up the latest group gift.  The group is FREE to join, and past group gifts have been as stunning as this lovely little cocktail dress.  You will look smashing at your next dance in this, it flows beautifully!

The dress is on system pants and top, and has a mesh belt and flexi prim skirt and ruffle.  Unfortunately there are no appliers, but I’m wearing this out dancing with my standard system body!

lotd paris metro flower cocktail_001


Ana Markova October 2015

Here’s the fantastic group gift from Ana Markova Designs for October 2015.  The great detail on this little red dress comes on the five standard sizes and also includes a fitmesh version which should suit most mesh bodies!  The group has a L$100 join fee, but again, with group gifts like this, I’m certainly not complaining!

lotd ana markova oct 2015_002

lotd ana markova oct 2015_003


Bats in the Belfry Hunt

Oh my it has been busy!  I finally want to show you some items from the Bats in the Belfry Hunt, going on until the 31st of October.  The hunt is spread out of three regions, so you’ll need some time to find all the gifts.  Challenging!

Firstly, the overall look, including a top from Facepalm, jewelry from DemotiK, and nails by Dark Passions:


Here’s a closeup on the Dark Passions necklace:


And a closeup on the nails, which I bought from one of the marketplace stalls, with 100% of the money going to Bat World Sanctuary.  The batty thumb ring is by The Nebulae.



Hit the Beach!

I’m a big fan of winter, and am truly looking forward to snow – but I will NEVER say no to the beach!  And I’m very excited to share this find with you, given that a well-fitting bikini is as hard to find in SL as it is in RL.  Standard layers and appliers (for mesh bodies) are one option, but nothing beats mesh for the textured look of the bikini sitting on your skin.

But a mesh that fits – particularly a mesh body (such as my Slink Physique) is hard to come by.  While I can grudgingly adjust the bust, gaps at the hips, crotch, and butt are particularly hard to fit.

In that context, you’ll understand why I’m so excited about the South Beach bikini from !Rebel Hope.


In addition to the standard mesh sizes,!Rebel Hope also offers meshes designed to fit Physique, Belleza, Freya, Isis, and Maitreya bodies.  Colours are sold separately, but metal trim is selectable from a HUD.  Leather braid and tie detail at the hip is amazing.


!Rebel Hope offers other styles as well in the same sizings.  Check out a demo today!

  • Hair: Calico Taylor Light Ginger
  • Skin : Glam Affair Cleo Europa
  • Body: Slink Physique
  • Hands : Slink Hands Casual
  • Feet: Slink Feet Flat

Location Pics : Tiki Lounge & Tiki Tattoo


Resting during the hunt

Aeon and I went and looked at the Bats in the Belfry Hunt at the Truth about Bats & Avis Charity Festival today.  There are a number of vendors donating anything from 50% of sales to 100% !!! All money donated is going to support Bat World Sanctuary.

The hunt was pretty difficult, so I thought I’d rest on a roof for a while 🙂  I’ll show you some hunt gifts tomorrow.





Blue does neko.  I was just at an event and thought that my tail would work really well with what I was wearing, and sure enough I got a bunch of comments as soon as I put it on 🙂  But it made me realize I haven’t posted a neko shot on the blog yet, so here you go 🙂

lotd neko_003

The outfit is created by a whole bunch of people that I won’t detail at the moment (translation: I can’t remember where I got them and am too lazy to investigate right now!), but the tail is the Extreme Neko Tail Corset by Psychotic Neko.  It’s not cheap at L$250, but if you buy this tail, you’ll never need to buy another one!  It has so many  texture, color, glow, and other options, it’s truly amazing!


Baby Monkey Gifts

Keeping in theme for Fall, today I’m dressed exclusively by Baby Monkey in the September, October, and November group gifts!  Baby Monkey has a L$500 group join fee, but I think you’ll agree with me that the quality of their clothing justifies it.  It also entitles you to a large discount on any items in-store.

The poncho is an early November gift, and comes with a nine color hud with plaid and plain woollen textures.

The tights come in 35 colors, and the Houston boots also have a 35 colour HUD!

BM Poncho_002

Outfit: Poncho, tights, boots, all by Baby Monkey